Time Lapses

Here are a few time-lapse videos I’ve created of Echinopsis flowers opening. The flowers typically take 6-8 hours to open. And they open at night, btw. These videos compress the process down to less than a minute … in many instances to as little as 15 seconds.

I only post new timelapse compilations here a couple of times a year. If you would like to see each new time-lapse I create … as many as three a week during blooming season … please follow my Instagram account: @echinopsisfreak






Compilation of 4 Types of Echinopsis Flowers Opening in 48 Seconds

Each of the four clips shown in the video below takes about 8 hours of flower opening activity and boils it down to 12 seconds.  Here’s the order of action: (1) a single “Cassandra” flower opens, (2) a single 8″/21cm wide “Orange Calfornia” flower opens, (3) six “Fascination” flowers open in unison, and (4) sixteen … yes, sixteen!!! … “Daydream” flowers open in unison.


Compilation of 5 More Types of Echinopsis Flowers Opening

Each of these 5 clips takes about 8 hours of flower opening activity and boils it down to ~15 seconds. Here are the types of flowers you’ll see open: (1) three “Charlemagne” flowers, (2) two “Ben Hur” flowers, (3) two “Frangrila” flowers, (4) seven “K-T Event” flowers, and (5) a nice side angle on a single Madame Pele flower opening.


Compilation of 4 More Types of Echinopsis Flowers Opening

In this 60-second video, you’ll see (1) a single 8″ diameter “Lausser” flower open, (2) a close-up of two “Fascination” flower opening up  and (3) seven “Impulse” flowers open … watch how they make a second and third effort to complete the opening process and (4) three 7″diameter “Dione” flowers opening. In each case, about 8 hours of flower opening action has been boiled down to 15 seconds of video.


Compilation of 3 “End of the Flower’s Day” Time-Lapses

The following video contains three pretty different time lapse segments. In each flowers are closing/collapsing/crumbling as their day in the sun comes to an end. Here’s the more specific details: (1) The first segment is one I’m particularly pleased with. It captures 24 hour of “Daydream” cacti flower activity … 6 flowers that have bloomed fade and crumble over the course of a day. But! But 4 other flowers that have yet to bloom finish growing and then bloom (you’ll see them grow dramatically before blooming) as the 6 original flowers fade. (2) Two “Madame Pele” flowers bite the dust … one quite violently. (3) Five “Anti-matter” flowers crumple up.

Side View of a “Frangri-La” flower opening

Starts with a very fast (8 hours of flower opening in 3.5 seconds) view of the whole flower and then moves closer for a slower (8 hours in 12 seconds view of the bloom opening).

Six “Maria Piazza” Flowers Opening … 

Starts with a view of all six opening and then moves to a close up of a few. 8 hours of activity in 12 seconds two times.

Two “Eroica” Flowers Opening …

8 of opening activity hours in 15 seconds